Candidate-Centric Recruitment

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written by Christina Young, Assistant Marketing Specialist, Digi-Me

Unemployment is at its lowest rate since 2008, making it a candidate’s job market. Today’s candidates are not only looking to get just the job, they are also looking to build relationships.

Candidates are looking for more communication and information from prospective employers during the recruitment process, according to a study by Manpower Group Solutions. In fact, 35% of candidates want employers to initiate more conversations and provide more information throughout the process in regards to the status and progress of their application. This suggests that if employers want to attract and hire top talent, they need to focus on a candidate-centric recruitment strategy.

A candidate-centric recruitment strategy focuses on building relationships with candidates so that you can pair them with a job that matches their skillsets. This strategy also involves focusing on the candidate’s needs and wants throughout the hiring process, rather than just the bottom line of whether or not they are qualified for the job.

Adapting a candidate-centric recruitment strategy can be done in several ways including returning calls, telling candidates they will not be considered, outlining compensation early on in the recruitment process, being mobile friendly, participating in hiring events and returning candidates’ phone calls. As previously mentioned, keeping candidates informed of how the process is progressing is also vital to building positive relationships with candidates.

But what is an easy and affordable way to stay in touch with candidates throughout the recruitment process?

Digi-Me’s Candidate Expectation video solution was created to save recruiters time that was previously spent notifying individual candidates of their status during the job application process. The short, customized videos help to set job candidate expectations for the recruitment process, leaving them with a clear understanding of timing and next steps, as well as providing a positive candidate experience during their interaction with a potential employer’s brand.

Digi-Me provides intelligence on where candidates are viewing your company’s video.  Digi-Me Candidate Expectation videos are trackable, with reports that measure the number of views and shares by each source and they fully integrate with your ATS!

Reach out to a Digi-Me representative today to learn a better way to recruit and become more candidate-centric with Candidate Expectation videos. Visit or email

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