Building a Viral Employee Referral Program

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written by Christina Young, Assistant Marketing Specialist, Digi-Me

Referrals are becoming a top source of hire in many companies’ digital recruitment strategies. According to the 2015 Jobvite Recruiting Nation Study, “78% of recruiters find their best quality hires through referrals.” Employee referrals have the added value of reducing cost and time per hire, with 55% of referrals being hired faster than candidates from a career site.

This begs the question: how can you enhance your employee referral program (ERP)? According to a recent post by Glassdoor, there are four keys areas to focus in order to enhance your ERP: management, incentives, social channels and measurement.


The key to a successful ERP is leveraging your company culture and reaching out to the employees who truly care about the company. To run a successful program, management, recruiters and human resources professionals need to promote the program to the staff, educate them on best practices for helping find top talent and motivate them to participate.


Part of cultivating a healthy and competitive company culture is by rewarding and recognizing employees for their efforts. Not only are employees motivated by money, they are also motivated by prizes and contests. Offer incentives to employees when a referee is hired or interviewed. Since referrals save on the cost of hiring, a referral bonus is a small price to pay for finding quality talent!

Social Channels

Encourage your employees to broadcast your job openings across their social networks. To ensure your brand ambassadors are representing your company well, provide employees with trackable links or suggested copy for social media that aligns with your digital recruitment efforts.

A fast and easy way for your employees to share your openings is through digital VIDEOJOBS™. Recruitment videos are optimized for all devices and easy to share on social media, giving them the potential to go viral. Not only do digital VIDEOJOBS™ help employees increase your company’s visibility to attract top talent, they also benefit potential candidates. Candidates learn and retain up to 60% more about a job by watching a recruitment video versus reading text alone, which helps them opt in or out of the application process. In turn, videos bring you more qualified candidates, reducing your screening time.


You won’t know the true success of your ERP if you are not measuring the outcome. Information like employee participation levels, referral-to-hire ratios and knowing where referrals are coming from can help you continually improve your ERP. Another benefit to digital VIDEOJOBS™ is that they are easy to track with up-to-the minute metrics on where your recruitment videos are viewed and shared, as well as how many people apply.

Digi-Me provides intelligence on where candidates are viewing your company’s video.  Digi-Me Candidate Expectation Videos, Cultural Videos and VIDEOJOBS™ are trackable, with reports that measure the number of views and shares by each source and they fully integrate with your ATS! Not to mention, Digi-Me videos can be viewed on any mobile device and are equipped with a social share function. A perfect solution for any ERP!

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