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written by Christina Young, Interactive Marketing Assistant
It’s no secret that social is a necessity in your digital recruitment strategy. In fact, 73% of hiring managers invested more in their organization’s social media presence in 2015. In order to keep up with today’s digital job seeker, you will have to continue to focus and improve your social media recruiting strategy moving forward.

Boost Your Brand on Social Media

A strong social media presence will attract followers to your account. These followers should be viewed as your potential talent pool and your social media recruiting network. These are the people who are willing to interact with you, and even submit an application to one of your future openings. Thus, a strong social brand presence can improve your overall digital recruitment ROI.

Identify Your Top Platforms

Just because candidates use multiple social media channels does not mean you should too. Employers should focus their social media recruiting on a select few platforms, rather than spreading themselves too thin. These social platforms should be the ones your best candidates use the most. This allows you to not only better interact and target them, but also reduce your candidate time and cost spent.

Create Consistency Across Social Platforms

Today’s candidates see social media monitoring as a two-way street. Candidates are accustomed to maintaining their online personal brand for recruiters, but now, more and more candidates are expecting companies to do the same for them. A study done by the Good Jobs found that while looking for a job:

  • 55% of candidates view a company’s LinkedIn profile
  • 47% of candidates view Glassdoor for company reviews
  • 31% view a company’s Facebook page
  • 11% view a company’s Twitter

Implementing consistent messaging across your social platforms and website can help improve your company’s overall branding, which is important to candidates. If a candidate finds that your message or content is inconsistent, it could confuse them as to why they want to work for you.

Content Delivery is Key

The delivery of your content can also help boost your brand. Candidates expect quick messages that are easy to understand on social media. Although you may want to attract candidates who are well versed in your industry, you should minimally use jargon in your social posts. Instead, utilize language that encourages followers to interact with you, which can increase your brand and engagement.

Time is another key component of content delivery. When and how often you post can either help or hurt your social media recruiting. Posting too frequently may make your followers’ social media feeds seem too clogged and could cause them to unfollow you; while posting during work hours may leave your content unseen. 

Content Delivery Rules Apply to Job Postings, Too

Aligned with keeping your social media recruiting content quick and easy to understand, your job postings should be short too. According to Appcast, candidates actually prefer job titles with less than 60 characters. Chances are, they’re not reading the full text of your job descriptions, but by decreasing the length of your job postings, you might be able to grab the attention of the type of candidates you’re seeking.

Digi-Me’s Digital Job Postings are one way to help keep your job postings short and gain the attention of your ideal candidates while showing and telling them all the relevant information they need to know about your position. Our professional-quality video solutions and social share functions allow candidates to view, apply and share jobs directly from any desktop or mobile device.

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