A Few Tips for General Labor Job Seekers

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Written by Allison Sima, Interactive Marketing Manager, Digi-Me


Searching for a General Labor job? First, remember that every type of job position has a niche way to recruit for it, so as the job seeker, your job search should be niche as well. As a General Laborer, your search depends greatly on the type of job you are searching for. Your job search will differ from an accountant or office manager, for example. To maximize your specific time and your specific effort, you have to know where and how to look.

Leverage Your Network

While using your network in your job search is good advice for all types of jobs, it helps if you narrow how you leverage your network to the type of position you are searching for, which in this case is a General Labor position. Think about the people you know who are either already working in a General Labor job currently, work at a company that has General Labor positions, or a person that has friends or relatives that they can introduce you too that know about General Labor jobs. You can start one of two ways, depending on you. One way is social media, such as Facebook. Look through your Facebook friends. Think about each person and how he or she might be able to help you. If social media won’t help you, write out, on paper, a list of everyone you know and ask the same questions. Send a few friendly emails and make some calls. The only way you know for sure if someone can help, or not, is to ask the question. And, if they can’t help you, still see if you can use the person as a reference or see if he or she can write you a recommendation.

Apply Direct to Companies & Search for Company Competitors

The majority of job seekers start their search with search engine such as Google. As the job seeker, type in the keywords you are looking for. Be as specific as possible with your terms and see what the search results bring up. You can also search the job boards and Craigslist.

Additionally, look to apply directly to companies. Search for companies that are in the industry you are looking for, like manufacturing for example, and look at all your local manufacturing companies’ career sites. When you do find a position and apply via the career site, you can also search the company’s competitors. Remember that while companies compete for business, they also compete for top talent, so look for similar open positions at similar companies.


Practice Your Elevator Pitch

A job search can be like sales. Even if you don’t like to sell, to get that next great opportunity, you will have to break out of your comfort zone. As a candidate, you are selling your skills to potential employers. Be prepared. Write down why you are the best candidate before an interview. Practice what you will say about yourself if you were to give a 5 – 10 minute speech about why you are the best candidate for the General Labor position.

Maintain a Daily Check List

Job searches can be like a marathon, not a sprint. You have to be prepared to go the distance and be persistent. Keep a checklist every day of where to look and who you need to talk to. Perform at least one task a day and keeping making those checkmarks.

Remember, it is Babe Ruth who said, “”Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

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