5 Tips for College Grads when Beginning a Marketer’s Job Search

It is Marketing.

Written by: Ryan Merritt

5 Tips for College Grads when Beginning a Marketer’s Job Search


  1. Be Online

Current marketing strategies revolve around a strong and consistent content production, as well as an active brand presence. This makes an organization’s brand visible and their personality can be found at the click of a button. Organizations want employees that can keep up. Social media isn’t just an optional choice for a business, it’s a necessary one. Show that you can keep up and be online.

  1. Create Content

This follows the previous step. Great marketers can write. The best marketers write well, and with interesting topics. “Interesting how?” you may ask. Interesting to you. Find something you’re passionate about and be honest. Start a blog and live tweet some events. Possibly even start a video blog. The most important thing is that you are getting your thoughts and personality out there. Just don’t forget to spell check!

  1. Be Active

This isn’t the same as going for a run or playing sports. Don’t forget to engage with others online. This includes retweeting, sharing, commenting on, or liking other content. This helps boost your own SEO, promote your own content, and build a larger network.

  1. Go to Events

This is a great way to build your network. It’s also one of the hardest for most people. Look online and keep in touch with your college or university’s career center (most schools have departments dedicated to helping students land jobs). Check with local sports stadiums and local business communities (like the AMA). Meeting people at events can open the world to tons of different opportunities.

  1. Keep Learning

This is just really good advice in general. Follow your industry and stay on top of trends. Branding and marketing is constantly changing. The industry is always moving forward with new trends and, as a professional, you should ensure that you are aware of them. Follow a few bloggers, subscribe to some email alerts, and be sure to check your LinkedIn daily. Those are just a few tools to help you keep learning. Also, look into books and attending webinars. Remember that knowledge is power.

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