13 Talent Acquisition Strategies You Should Know

Technology has long been utilized by HR professionals for acquiring talent. Technology continues to play a major role in all aspects of the acquisition. Here are 13 techniques you can use to attract the best candidates and position your company as being advanced for technology use.


What better way to frame a positive message about your organization than through video. A video can be linked to, or embedded in, all of the Internet-based platforms covered in this article. Digi-Me is an experienced talent acquisition partner. Their production team will work to create video job ads that have maximum effect. A custom video for hiring personnel is a great way to stand out from your competition.

Social Media

Having informative and well-maintained social media pages is very important for acquisition and retention of talent. The pool of talent is increasingly expecting to find answers to any question on a social media site. While social media development is largely a function of marketing, HR should also have a presence. Live-streaming of videos, commenting and targeted advertising are common uses of social media, and each of these are a perfect fit for HR.


One of the cost-effective aspects of Internet technology is the ability to share information with large groups of individuals. Job postings and notices seeking talent are a couple of the types of items included in data shared by companies. Well-crafted posts on social media, with web links and links to videos stand out from text-only posts.

Mobile Devices

More people access the Internet using smartphones, than through desktop computers. For your talent acquisition program to be effective, you need a mobile-friendly presence. Mobile also allows you to establish an opt-in program for you to send text messages when positions become available.

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals extend your networking resources by using employees as champions for your acquisition needs. Most of your employees have a social media presence. They are comfortable sharing information that may be beneficial to their contacts.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are beneficial when they are informative. A blog focused on an organization should be current, updated regularly, and focus on branding. It should also offer information on topics, such as current openings. You want people to visit a blog often. If it is viewed as just another job board, you will only have visitors who are seeking a job at that moment. Blogs should also be multi-media focused. Video job ads and other non-text media add to their appeal.

Community Boards

A great way to connect with a diverse group of people is to gain exposure on community pages. Many of the people on these boards do not typically involve themselves with news related to your organization. Similar to employee referrals, people on community boards may help by sharing talent needs to others in the group. Just having a presence on these boards will result in more exposure in your company.


Reddit is a global community where users interact on topic-specific message boards. There are dozens of pages dedicated to careers, specific job professions, industries, companies, and even HR management. Having an account on Reddit and using it to promote job opportunities is a great way to maximize your exposure throughout the Internet.

Career Fairs

Career fairs are a popular way for organizations to meet perspective candidates. Many of these are online. If you participate in an online career fair, you should put the same effort you do for the in-person version. Participate in those online fairs that allow you to do more than just post available positions or links to websites. Look for those that will let you post videos and graphics that brand your organization.

SEO Keywords

A complaint of many job seekers and employers is that the web is a cluttered mess. They claim that it is difficult to stand out in a sea of resumes and job postings. It is possible to move to the top of the search results page. This is best accomplished through the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Everything you post online is cataloged by search engines. That content is scored based on the words, and frequency of words used. When used properly, your page is placed higher on the list of search results. If you do SEO just right, your pages can be placed right under the paid advertising results.

Competitor Employees

Did you know that you can use targeted advertising and other placement techniques to get your message in front of your competitor’s employees? Many social media sites will use their databases of demographic information to specifically target your message to those wanting to hear from you. Or, you can search the Internet for terms that you know will return results of people you are looking for.


Trade groups and associations have long been a way to get the word out for talent acquisition. Video job ads and advanced graphics will help you stand out from others who just use print ads. Many trade organizations include both managers looking to hire and people looking for employment. Find out which associations your current employees belong to and look to them as a possible resource for future talent searches.

Leveraging Benefits

Companies leverage benefits as a way to recruit and retain talent. While it is not something that many companies do not want to openly advertise, any organization can promote the benefits you do offer. Using multimedia to highlight a really string benefits package will draw talent towards you. Consider producing a professional video that prospective talent can access to learn more about your organization. They can watch it when they want and from any device.

Digi-Me has an experienced team of professionals who want to be your talent acquisition partner. They have expertise in working with HR managers that are looking to stand out as innovators with the technology they use for recruiting. The combination of your HR management skills and their expertise make utilizing all of these techniques winners.

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