Digi-Me & Virtual Career Fair – Frequently Asked Questions

Digi-Me Video FAQ’s

What is a Digi-Me Job Video?

60 sec. video telling and showing your job opportunity using great imagery, video and a professional voice over about the role.

How long does it take to create a Digi-Mate Job Video (automated)?

Once Digi-Me receives the information the turnaround is 48 hrs. 

What information is required to create a Job Video?

Your written job description & a logo.

Where does the Job Video go? 

Your job video can be copied and pasted anywhere you are recruiting; career center, job boards, social sites, email campaigns etc. 

How does the Job Video improve results?

Digi-Me’s patented technology tracks the source of video job views applies and shares.  Every Digi-Me video has an Apply Button you can link to your application page or email and a Social Share Button for candidates to share your job video.

60% of Job Video Applicants are from SOCIAL share!

53x’s higher Google results means more qualified candidates faster.

How can Digi-Me reduce my cost per hire? 

With real-time metrics of views, shares and applies, you are given the necessary insight you need in order to make better decisions on where you are spending your time recruiting. With our on-demand reporting, you know where to post your jobs because you already know where you are getting the best traction. On average, Digi-Me clients save 56% on cost per hire using Digi-Me’s video job ads.

How do Digi-Me job video job ads get me better quality candidates?

A video tells more of a story then skimming a few sentences, which is why candidates understand and retain up to 65% more about a position by watching a video versus reading text alone.

A digital recruitment video shows and tells your company culture, so that a candidate understands if he or she is a good fit. With this better understanding of the job and knowing if he or she is a right fit, a candidate will choose to opt in or opt out of the application process. 

If Digi-Me job video ads are revolutionizing the future of recruitment, why not use YouTube to post my job videos?

Put simply, YouTube doesn’t drive traffic to your site with an apply button that directs straight to your job requisition. It won’t integrate and interface seamlessly with your ATS, which pulls traffic away from your job posting and your company brand. Not only that, but YouTube doesn’t give you in depth candidate tracking, so that you know how to focus your time and efforts spent recruiting.

Does a Digi-Me recruitment video work best for certain types of jobs? 

Given that candidates learn and understand up to 65% more information when they watch a video compared to reading text alone, the answer is any type of position. What varies from job to job is how/where you use your videos. For instance, for strategic roles, we see tremendous results from posting your video in LinkedIn groups, sending it via “InMail,” and emailing to the candidates you want to reach. For volume positions, we see video’s built-in SEO playing a tremendous role in connecting you with the most relevant candidates because many of the them start their job searches on Google and other Internet search sites.

What is a Candidate Expectation Video?

Candidate Expectation videos are short videos, typically 30-45 secs., walking the candidates through what to expect post apply.  They can be shared through auto-response messaging post apply and proactively shared with job seekers.  They help employers maintain candidate engagement and prevent ghosting. 

What is a Culture Video?

1.5 – 2 min video that allows you to discuss what differentiates your company.  Why would someone want to work at your company.  This is a great opportunity to sell your culture and even highlight Diversity and Inclusion, Military hiring etc.  They help drive understanding of fit pre-apply and they are co-linked with job videos to 1. Help SEO 2. Drive better quality candidates. 

Digi-Me Virtual Event FAQ’s  


How does a potential candidate register?

The visitor will access the pre-registration form (standard page

Through the form the visitor will be able to register, upload a CV and have the option to upload a picture. 

Do people register under a participating employer or under the Association VCF itself? 

Both.  If someone registers via a participating employer from their registration video that only goes to the company and not to all companies.  The Association determines how the entire registration list distributed. 

What items are required at registration?

Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Password, Confirm Password, Industry of Vertical, Years of Experience, and Date Available to Start Work.  Resume optional.

If visitors upload their resume when they register you will the employer be able to save it?

The employer can organize them, create files and filter the visitor’s profiles to see which profiles interest them the most. They can also make a visitor a favorite by clicking on the yellow star. 

What do employers have access to at the end of the fair?

Visitors won’t be able to enter the fair after it is complete, but they can register. Exhibitors will be able to access the backend and see:

  • All of the conversations that they maintained with visitors
  • The applicants to each job offer
  • The users that visited their stand

Live Chat:

Can you chat with other participants? What is Public and Private chat?

  • The chat feature is always available during the event no matter where you are (Pavilion, Booths, etc).
  • The public chat feature can be leveraged for announcements as well as participant conversation.
  • The Private chat feature is a one on one with a job seeker and a sponsoring employer. Recruiters can also engage in Private chats. 

Can multiple people log in at same time for live chat? 

Yes, recruiters can have multiple chats at the same time.  

Could a company have two or three people handling live chats at the same time? 


Do you have additional information about how the live chat works logistically?

  • When you receive a message, a red circle icon appears and you will hear an alert.
  • If the private chat is interesting, you can export it on your computer in text format but, pay attention, the conversations are stored in the backend, if you close your session, you will lose the conversation, however you will be able to see it. If the user speaks a different language than yours, you have the possibility to activate the automatic translation.
  • The section “Public chats” concerns your booth only. All visitors can write a message in it and all the members of your team can read an answer. These conversations are saved in the backend and in the session, so if you log out and back in again you will still be able to see the public chat messages that were there before.
  • You can send files and links through the chat that the user will be able to download directly to their computer.            

Is there a message when live chat is not available? 

Yes, the recruiters create their profile and they can set the hours available and it sends a message.  They can also specify if there are certain types of positions they handle. 

Each employer chooses their own chat time? Or should the paper say all live chat is from X to Z? 

All chat is live for the duration of the set event. To create a specific chat session you have to add a date, an hour of start and end (HH:MM) and a title. This information will appear in the agenda so that if an user enter while you are not connected, they will know when to connect again to chat with you​.

Other questions:

What does the employer get?

  • A registration video
  • Video their jobs (depends on the package purchased)
  • All other jobs besides the one they choose to get the video on will be text only
  • Social network (free of charge)
  • Live chat for the event
  • Residual applications because the videos are live for 30 days

Can advertisers still purchase additional videos if they want per job?

Yes, at the partner rate. 

From the time we say yes what is the minimum amount of time you recommend to set the event date?

30 days is recommended Approximately one month to allow for you to market to the employers and market to job seekers

Is there a required format of logos?  


When you are in an employer lobby and click the arrow to see the opportunities, what are the categories that will be listed?

  1. “Company Description”
  2. “Jobs”
  3. “Basic Information,” will contain items such as location, number of employees, company website, social links, company slogan, a contact name, contact information.

Once a company registers how long will it be until they receive their registration video?

2-3 business days

Where are the videos distributed? Or only in the “job fair platform”. 

The employer registration video will need to be shared with the employer so they can share in every place possible…Social Media, current employees sharing, etc.  

Are there any best practices for marketing?  

Leveraging the registration video throughout all job postings, social campaigns, email, and on the career center. 

When you register it sends you an email. Is that email customizable?  

It is a template but the content can be edited:

Here is a sample registration message.

Subject: You have successfully registered for the Virtual Career Fair


Thank you for signing up!

You can now login with the following credentials:

Email Address

Virtual Career Fair Link

Be sure to stop by our booth at the event and chat with a representative. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

We look forward to meeting you soon, virtually.

How is registration info/resumes shared back to the Association / employer?  

An exported Excel report will be sent to the Association.

Any registrants will go into a “database” that ALL Exhibitors can access, EXCEPT if someone registers through a company’s registration video, then only that company will have access to that registration. 


Does the Exhibitors need any special system requirements to do the chat? Assuming they will get a login and password

No special system, yes, they get a username and password

Can the job seekers access the event on desktop, mobile and tablet?


Announcements: What would be some examples of announcements.

If a specific speaker or recruiter was going to be available during certain hours.  Or if a booth was featuring jobs during a certain time.  Or if the end was ending soon, like “ attention job seekers only 30 mins left in the fair.”