Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit Career Fair

If you are a job seeker, please email for help with registration.

About Your Event

Exhibitors Receive:
  • 30-45 second video to promote event attendance and capture a candidate base.
  • Optional promotional videos for purchase, including job videos and videos about your company culture.
  • Unlimited chats. Recruiters can specify the positions they are recruiting for in their chat window so they are dedicated to certain roles.
  • CSV / Excel file with candidate information from chats. Download of candidate resumes shared in chats.
  • Detailed listing of all booth visitors.
  • Metrics on additional video traffic the day of the event and detailed sourcing information.
Package Video Types:
  • Job Video: 30-60 second video describing your job opening.
  • Registration Video: 30-45 second video to spread awareness of the event and allow attendees to pre-register.
  • Branding/Culture Video: video that showcases your employer branding/company culture.
  • Candidate Experience Video: a post-apply message to inform applicants of next steps and keep them engaged in the hiring process.

Click here to open a PDF with more details about our Video Career Fair, hosted by Digi-Me!

Video Packages & Event Add-Ons

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