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When attracting the world’s most qualified job-seekers, utilizing diverse recruitment strategies is a must. But how is this done? Essentially, the type of digital media and the avenues used to advertise it (i.e. social media or online job boards), must be optimized to target the way qualified industry professionals search for long-term careers.

The Facts

14.4 million individuals use social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) to hunt for available positons. Even more impressive is the fact that 73% of businesses have successfully used social media to recruit employees, suggesting that the traditional methods of text-based recruitment ads are quickly becoming obsolete.

The Future of Recruitment

Incorporating professional career videos into your business’s recruitment strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. Digi-Me’s cloud-based content management system allows teams to automatically distribute recruitment campaigns across various websites and social media platforms, make real-time adjustments to existing video campaigns, and track progress using analytical data. Finally, the “share” function attached to each Digi-Me video allows any video to go viral across social media sites with just the click of a mouse.

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Cultural Videos

Every company is defined by their culture; it exemplifies how a business interacts with its clients, vendors, and employees. In fact, employees who are happy with their company culture (and professional position) are actually 12% more productive, thanks to significantly higher engagement levels.

Today’s internet culture has made online career videos significantly more appealing to job seekers when compared to text-only career descriptions. According to studies, job seekers only spend a maximum of 50 seconds reviewing a job description. Job description videos allow businesses to communicate authentically and project their excitement to candidates, which research has shown to result in an average of 1,000 views per video. As such, using customized short-length career videos to express a business’s culture, goals, and benefits is a sure way to find qualified job candidates. Like our news desk job videos, the Digi-Me cultural career videos can be added to various social media pages, allowing viewers to virally share amongst friends, family, and colleagues. Finally, the real-time metrics and analytical data attached to each video makes analyzing and adjusting a video’s content strategy effortless.


We believe that having unlimited access to your video campaign and content strategy is vital for successfully attracting qualified candidates. Digi-Me’s proprietary cloud-based content management system (or CMS, for short) allows each of our clients to manage their video libraries from anywhere, with any mobile or stationary device.

How Does the Digi-Me CMS Work?

Logging in to the management system is easy using the Digi-Me portal; requesting new videos, adjusting existing content, and analyzing the results of existing recruitment campaigns can all be done from there. Adjust your digital media strategy according to pre-determined strategic goals, or after analyzing the real-time analytical reports that are updated throughout the day. The content management system (otherwise known as CMS) allows clients to make new video requests, disable existing career videos, and review both live and recorded analytical data outlining the performance of one or more videos. Finally, all CMS data automatically transfers into your current applicant tracking software, allowing you and your business to upload career videos to any website.

Career Fair

Let’s be honest; most job-seekers have neither time nor means to attend a traditional career fair. In fact, most business applications and interviews are received as a result of online recruitment media. Digi-Me’s virtual career fair allows hundreds of candidates to access and apply for jobs via our site. Because both candidates and recruiters can access this job fair remotely, accepting resumes and interviewing qualified candidates is as simple as going online.

A time-saving twist on traditional career fairs, Digi-Mes Virtual Career Fair is a one-of-a-kind service that combines company profiles with video job reports that candidates can conveniently access from anywhere. Recruiters can meet and interview candidates through a web-cam, collect resumes and CVs, and even extend candidates the opportunity to create a 20-second video introduction of themselves.

Candidate Expectation Videos

Digi-Me candidate expectation videos improve candidate experience. These 2 – 3 minute digital videos outline the recruitment process, from the moment a candidate submits an application to the moment a candidate gets hired. Candidate expectation videos walk applicants through the application process with a look at what happens, step by step, along with timelines, helping to avoid feeling like his or her resume has entered a “black hole.” Digi-Me’s candidate expectation videos offer a better way to communicate to your applicants, leaving candidates with a positive feeling toward your organization’s brand.


Through the use of Digi-Me’s video we have been able to cut our screening process by at least 20 minutes per candidate.
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