FedEx Express Has Joined the HR Digital Transformation

How do you locate and hire great talent for hard to fill roles? Particularly in areas where the unemployment rate is so low?

The answer is Digi-Me, a partner of FedEx. Harnessing the power of video technology and leveraging the viral nature of social media, digital video job ads attracts better quality candidates, faster!

We are the leaders in digital transformation. We’ve provided much success for clients over the years with our partnerships.

Just Under a Month With Digi-Me Has Provided FedEx Express:

Unique Job Video Views

of All Applicants Have Been Reached Strictly From Organic Social and SEO Results

Organic Job Video Views

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23-Year FedEx HR Veteran Brandon Tolbert Says:

With Digi-Me’s short, custom video job ads, you can boost your SEO and first page search results up to 53 times, reduce your cost per-hire by up to 56%, and see your candidates retain job descriptions by watching a video up to 60% more over text alone!

Furthermore, Digi-Me videos are easy to share on social media. Alongside your recruiters, employees, brand advocates and even job seekers will do the work of sharing your videos, providing a more authentic approach to attracting top talent.

Revolutionize the way you recruit and attract better quality candidates fast. Digi-Me can help. Let’s get started together right now!

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