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Did you know that 80% of candidates begin a job search by typing keywords on Google? This means your jobs need to be found at the top of search results above your competitor’s. Digital job video postings can help you easily achieve multiple first page rankings!

Digital recruitment gives you the necessary insight you need to know in order to really focus your recruitment strategy efforts on where you are getting the best traction. Digi-Me offers up-to-the-minute data and metrics on views and applies by source, including social and mobile sources.


Incorporating professional career videos into your business’s recruitment strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. Digi-Me’s cloud-based content management system allows teams to automatically distribute recruitment campaigns across various websites and social media platforms, make real-time adjustments to existing video campaigns, and track progress using analytical data. Finally, the “share” function attached to each Digi-Me video allows any video to go viral across social media sites with just the click of a mouse.


Today’s internet culture has made online career videos significantly more appealing to job seekers when compared to text-only career descriptions. According to studies, job seekers only spend a maximum of 50 seconds reviewing a job description. Job description videos allow businesses to communicate authentically and project their excitement to candidates, which research has shown to result in an average of 1,000 views per video. As such, using customized short-length career videos to express a business’s culture, goals, and benefits is a sure way to find qualified job candidates.

Like our VIDEOJOBS™, the Digi-Me cultural career videos can be added to various social media pages, allowing viewers to virally share amongst friends, family, and colleagues. Finally, the real-time metrics and analytical data attached to each video makes analyzing and adjusting a video’s content strategy effortless.


Digi-Me’s proprietary cloud-based content management system (or CMS, for short) allows each of our clients to manage their video libraries from anywhere, with any mobile or stationary device.

Logging in to the management system is easy using the Digi-Me portal; requesting new videos, adjusting existing content, and analyzing the results of existing recruitment campaigns can all be done from there. Adjust your digital media strategy according to pre-determined strategic goals, or after analyzing the real-time analytical reports that are updated throughout the day. The content management system (otherwise known as CMS) allows clients to make new video requests, disable existing career videos, and review both live and recorded analytical data outlining the performance of one or more videos. Finally, all CMS data automatically transfers into your current applicant tracking software, allowing you and your business to upload career videos to any website.


Candidate Expectation videos eliminate the number one frustration for candidates: feeling like they are in a black hole. These short, customized videos help set job candidate expectations for the recruitment process, leaving candidates with a clear understanding of timing and next steps. Most importantly, it helps provide a positive candidate experence during their interaction with a potential employer’s brand.

For employers, Digi-Me’s Candidate Expectation video solution was created to save recruiters time that was previously spent notifying individual candidates of their status during the job application process. This product helps alleviate the likelihood of a lack of communication, which could potentially hurt the company’s employer brand. Like other Digi-Me videos, Candidate Expectation videos are trackable, with with reports that measure the number of views and shares by each source, and they fully integrate with your ATS.