5 Steps to Smarter Recruiting with Automated SMS

So you’ve got a job opening. What now? There’s always someone close by who needs a job, but recruiting top-level talent isn’t always easy. Traditional methods may eventually garner you a decent pool of applicants, but there has to be a better, smarter way… and there is! It turns out that texting isn’t just for … Continued

Should businesses invest on Human Resource and how?

Human intellect is the sole reason for industries to be standing where they are standing right now. The fundamental source of every process from a business perspective starts and ends with people which makes the human resource the most important out of all the resources available to a business. One of the most debatable situations … Continued

Admins for the Win

Guest post by Quill Administrative assistants do more than just assist. They possess superhuman organization, planning, and people skills. They know how to multi task and direct large groups of people. They juggle short-term and long-term plans and projects. And perhaps most importantly, they help businesses achieve one or a set of goals. With more … Continued

The Next Logical Step in Social & Mobile Recruitment

As seen in Hireology Posted by Natalie Pike on November 25, 2014 This is a guest blog by Lindsay Stanton from Digi-Me. Within a relatively short amount of time, technology has irreversibly shifted the way people access and share information, in turn forcing talent acquisition professionals to rethink recruitment with a social and mobile mindset. Now more … Continued

4 Ways to Organize Your Hiring Process

– Guest blog post by Natalie Pike, Inbound Marketing Coordinator for Hireology Keeping up with the hiring process is a common struggle we’ve heard from many companies over the years.  Hiring managers spend hours upon hours trying to the find the right person for the job with very minimal resources. They recruit, interview, hire, and … Continued