Our Mission

One of the largest challenges businesses face today is the ability to find qualified candidates to fill their most important positions. Our passion is to alleviate this common challenge for companies around the world by becoming the bridge that unites recruiting employers and qualified candidates. Digi-Me recognizes the fact that today’s workforce shares 12X more videos than text content, and that 3 out of 5 job seekers prefer to use their mobile device to find the perfect career for them. As such, we proudly use professionally filmed recruitment videos that can be shared via social media.

Our Story

On average, U.S. adults spend five and a half hours viewing digital video content per day. Recognizing this dramatic shift in interest from text to digital media, Digi-Me (a combination of the words “digital” and “media”) is founded under the belief that technology-infused recruitment videos are the missing link to connect talent-hungry employers with success-driven job candidates. Since branching out from our parent company, JSTN, Digi-Me has transformed into the multi-media powerhouse its founders foreshadowed. Using a unique combination of report-like career videos and a cloud based CMS (content management system), Digi-Me clients are now able to quickly and efficiently connect with qualified candidates around the world.


Our Team

Executive Team

Roger Stanton, CEO of Digi-Me

Roger Stanton

President & CEO

Jim Covert, Executive Chairman of Digi-Me

Jim Covert

Executive Chairman

Lloyd Shefsky, Board Member of Digi-Me

Lloyd Shefsky

Board Member

Lindsay Stanton, CCO

Lindsay Stanton

Board Director & CCO

Joe Fuller, CFO & COO of Digi-Me

Joe Fuller


Client Support Team

Dan Gillham, VP of Strategic Accounts at Digi-Me

Dan Gillham

VP of Strategic Accounts

Allison Sima, Interactive Marketing Manager at Digi-Me

Allison Sima

Interactive Marketing Manager


Through the use of Digi-Me’s video we have been able to cut our screening process by at least 20 minutes per candidate.
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