Provide Realistic Job Previews with News Desk Videos

On average, U.S. adults spend five and a half hours viewing digital video content per day and share 12x more video content than text content, which makes incorporating video job ads a highly effective tool in a comprehensive recruitment strategy. Creating video job ads enables your company to outline and promote new job opportunities and achieve greater engagement by leveraging your social media channels and today’s candidates preferred method for job searches. Using Digi-Me Newsdesk video job ads provides the perfect opportunity to attract qualified candidates with a realistic job preview using a report like style to describe the company and job opening. The most effective realistic video job ads are brief, no more than 2 minutes long, but include enough detail to attract highly qualified candidates to your company. What should a realistic job preview include?

Job Video Company Overview

The Digi-Me Newsdesk style video job ad offers a professional yet personalized, CNN style approach to presenting your company. The video should include an overview of the company that provides such details as public vs. private, number of employees, revenue, company mission/vision, awards/accomplishments and what sets your organization apart from competitors to help attract the right candidates. Unlike text ads, a video job ad also enables you to set the tone for your organization by leveraging a specific presentation style for your Newsdesk video anchor.

Video Job Description and Responsibilities

Giving a potential candidate a realistic overview of the job and the responsibilities entailed also helps encourage a more highly qualified talent pool to choose from. The video job ad makes it possible to not only present a high-level overview of the job responsibilities, but to also provide a more in depth look at the full scope of work that is difficult to present in text only job ads. An effective realistic video preview of responsibilities should outline the day-to-day job functions, professional skills and requirements, reporting structure, cross-functional teamwork, management or mentor duties if any, and why this is an exciting opportunity the candidate will want to apply for.

Provide Apply Now Opportunities

As job candidates that watch a video tend to be more highly qualified for the position, it is also a must to present the ability to immediately apply for the position after the video to prevent losing a potential applicant. Digi-Me video job campaigns also make it easy to share additional job opportunities and allow job applicants to preview other positions as well that may be similar in nature or a better fit for their skillset.

Digi-Me’s proprietary cloud-based content management system (CMS) makes it easy for companies to manage their entire video job ad libraries from anywhere, with any mobile device or PC, as well as post new realistic job video previews to any website or share via your social media channels. The platform also makes it possible to share new video job ads with an established talent pool of highly-qualified candidates, making it even easier to attract potential employees.

View examples of Digi-Me Newsdesk style video job ads and see how our customers are effectively using realistic job previews to attract top talent to their organizations.