Recruiting top talent has its challenges and when job seekers only spend seconds reading a text job description to determine a job isn’t right for them, how likely are you to find your ideal candidate? It’s hard to give insight into a job, illustrate core company values and impart company culture in a short text job description, which is why video job descriptions are significantly more impactful when it comes to an effective recruitment strategy. Message comprehension improves by 60% when using video versus text, and candidates that apply through Digi-Me videos tend to be higher quality and a better fit for the role. And because 80% of job candidates begin their search online, SEO optimized Digi-Me job videos provide the opportunity to immediately engage a candidate and showcase the company in a way that text descriptions can only scratch the surface. Here’s why job video descriptions can work for your recruiting strategy.

Create an emotional response

True, words certainly trigger an emotional response, however the brain process images 60,000 times faster than it does text. Job ads that effectively tell a story about the job opportunity, company, culture and probable career path should inspire and motivate potential candidates to apply for a job with your organization.

Showcase company mission and values

Job seekers are looking for opportunities where the core values align with their own. A job video can provide insight into the organization’s mission, vision and core values that help a prospective employee determine if your company is a good fit. A job video also provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your company’s philanthropic focus and ways you encourage employee participation in giving back to the community. Per Brookings Institution, 63 percent of millennials want the company they work for to have a positive social impact, which makes this a key aspect to demonstrate if you’re looking to attract millennials to your organization.

Preview working environment

Potential candidates want to know what a day in the life of an employee looks like at your organization before deciding to work for your company. Providing a view into the company culture with video interviews of current employees, footage of office space, training opportunities, career advancement programs, annual company events and other company cultural previews will help your company stand out from the competition. According to Harvard Business Review, approximately 60 percent of millennials are looking for opportunities to learn and grow as well as advancement when applying for a new job.

Creating effective job video descriptions that can be shared across social media provide your company with a more engaging and accessible way to reach a greater talent pool and increases your company’s ability to find and recruit highly-qualified candidates. Positively impact your company’s bottom line with customized recruitment videos that showcase job opportunities and your company culture using any or all three of the Digi-Me styles of video job descriptions, Newsdesk, Graphics and Montage. Explore the different styles and find the job video styles that works best for recruiting top talent at your organization.